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Multi Ch. Cameo de Ria Vela

Superbly handled and presented, beautiful dog in hard condition, freestanding with a waggy tail, making a perfect picture, masculine, beautiful head, lovely expression, excellent neck, nice front construction, nice bone and feet, very good body and spring of rib, perfect topline, very strong rear, moves well, beautiful coat, which is well prepared, a top quality golden, a credit to his handler.

Vorzüglich 1. Platz CAC (VDH+Club)

Richter: Henric Fryckstrand (S)

A very well constructed dog, showing good balance, super head with dark eye and dark pigment, excellent shoulder construction, level topline, correct tailset, good weight and bend of stifle, very correct mover, liked him very much.

Vorzüglich 1. Platz CAC (VDH+Club), Bester Rüde und Best of Breed

Richter: Lindsey Maynard (GB)

Beautiful head and expression, good reach of neck, level topline, good forehand angulation, a little narrow in front, well bend stifles, handled extremely well.

Vorzüglich 1. Platz CAC (VDH+Club), Bester Rüde und Best of Breed

Richter: Heather Morss (GB)

23 Monate alte Rüde von vorzüglichem Typ, ansprechender typischer maskuliner Kopf, vorzügliche obere Linie, tiefer gut gewölbter Brustkorb mit bereits gut entwickelter Vorbrust, vorzügliche Winkelung der Vorderhand und Hinterhand, vorzügliches Pigment + Knochenstärke + Fellanlage, in Bewegung raumgreifend + mit gutem Schub aus Hinterhand. Ein freundlicher Rüde, der gut vorgeführt wurde.

Vorzüglich 2. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH und Res.Anw. Dt. Ch. Club

Richter: Vera Wilk (DE)

High quality dog, many good points, well presented and handled, beautiful head and expression, lovely pigment, lovely neck, good front angulation, nice bone and feet, excellent body for age, a bit long in line, perfect top-line and tail set, nice back, moved with drive.

Vorzüglich 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. Ch. Club und Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH

Richter: Henric Fryckstrand (S)

Super balanced dog, in good coat and condition. Good front angulations
and level topline. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well bend stifles and straight hocks. Moved very well.

Vorzüglich 1. Platz, Anw. Dt. J. Ch. Club und Anw. Dt. J. Ch. VDH

Richter: Susan Hush (GB)